Using audio amps means microstepping is straightforward, but you waste power as heat in the amps and you need a couple of DACs to generate the waveforms. Email Required, but never shown. Unfortunately, I am running into a few annoying issues. Articles Top Articles Search resources. Here is probably the simplest circuit: You must log in or register to reply here. An H-bridge made with darlingtons could have a loss of up to 6V.

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Sign up using Facebook. Is that possible with the circuit you provided above?

I am pretty new to electronics prototyping and just need this info. There is a ‘hybrid’ approach where you use 3 single-rail amplifiers.

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The better approach is to use PNP transistors on the high side, so that they can be put into saturation for minimal voltage drop and power dissipation. Sign up using Email and Password. Wow – great tutorial for a down-and-dirty stepper controller. For doing any of high profile projects, one need to understand the basic functions of PI. And I thought I was being so careful, too.


Thank you very much RJR, by any chance could you recommend to step;er a cheep “beefier” transistor, and possibly explain how 2n22222 could calculate the base transistor values?

Q1 and Q3 take your 3-volt signals and use them to drive the bases of Q2 and Q4. The transistors would burn up, and you could damage your power source. Trade you a better answer for more details. For more accurate information, look into the data sheet.

Simulation Models: 2NA

Maybe some combination of transistors? However if you go to IGBT’s rather than junction transistors you can radically improve the efficiency and get higher operating voltages.

I am using a ROB bipolar, 1. Could you possibly suggest a way to do this with another setup? In case the Condition in the braces is true, the statements inside the loop will be executed once.

Simulation Models

Post as a guest Name. To know more about GPIO pins, go through: IGBTs include back voltage protection from inductive devices like stepper motors. Sign up using Email and Password.


For one, the rated current of the stepper motor is 0. The transistor driver circuit is a tricky setup; here we should pay attention that stpper connecting the transistor might load the board heavily and damage it.

Stepper Motor Resources

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. We have two buttons connected to PI. Generally, go with a transistor in a TIP package – it’s easier to heatsink them is required. The driver circuit takes logic triggers from PI. In that case, we will receive warnings while executing the program. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Click here to register now. A “1A” motor 22222 10A or more when it starts and when it is stalled. Looking at the 2N datasheet, at mA you’d 2h2222 looking at a Vce of about 2V.

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