Beside this there is a 6. You can find more answers in our FAQ section. F6 pops a card selector, note that the other cards got properly interdicted, only the 6Fire shows, select it and press Return. Checking for firmware directory Please share our article, every link counts! The external soundcard even ran smoothly on our older Fujitsu Siemens U

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The line below the input is the output from the command that you will see in your terminal.

F6 pops a card selector, note that the other cards got properly interdicted, only the 6Fire shows, select it and press Return. The blue LED shows if there is an and how powerful the adjacent signal is by brightness modulationthe red LED indicates an overdrive. Colleagues of other media were also satisfied with the external soundcard’s 6cire quality. Not sure why it’s called a PAD switch. Please share our article, every link counts!

To judge the sound quality is always a difficult 6firre.

The analog inputs are build for the Line-level-signals up to 2 ,5 V rms and the typical SNR are db. Please verify the configuration each time you change the driver.



This was measured with a loud 6fore wave calibrated to -3 dB by Arta and the integrated routine in the Audio Analyzer. Arta – Headphones to Microphone – Frequency Response. The center sounds a bit fuller and the rear surround channels somewhat muffled.

Jan Version 1. Worthy of mentioning is ub the monitor function, over which a signal can be looped through the speaker and the volume can be modified. It’s rather appealing for hobby sound studios due to the comprehensive connectivity. A great way to make sure that you don’t miss anything!

However, there weren’t any problems with Mac OS X. Furthermore, an automatic coding of 5.

Most amps have an AUX input that you can plug either the 6fire headphone line or the computer headphone line into. To record a masterpiece with Audacity as before we go as follows: The correct module should be what the OS uses: Nor can I stand 2-yard names so I’ll abbreviate the interfaces name to 6fire.

What is the impedance of the In – and Outputs? Use a common acoustic MIC for instruments so equipped. I had a ghost card in there virtuoso and this took it out after a blacklisted reboot.


Get involved Libre Music Production is a community driven project.

How the card does in the test can be read in the following review. Written by Kalman A.


There is also a driver package for Mac OS X for downloading, which also has an own, minimally restricted mixer. What is the Assignment on the analog outs for Dolby 5.

I’m currently looking for something no bigger but with deathstar capabilities. YaST is trying to load the wrong driver kernel module Ground the turntable to the 6fire’s ground lug on the back of the housing. Beside this there is a 6.

The soundcard can, however, transmit an existing signal to the digital outputs i. Which 6fiee are supported for the Surround Expander function? Arta – Digital internal Loopback – Frequency Response.