It sounds like we have different issues. Mine seems to take days per manual power cycles before it shows up again. Aaron M to antdude Member Nov Have rebooted countless times, both modem and computer. The description above states completely different — blinking indicates that its transmitting data. We would like to eliiminate the guest.

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Let’s see if anyone else replies.

Thanks for your support Roger Kramer kf6vwn roadrunner. I wonder if my local office will have it too if I need to swap it. It starts in the evening starting time varies, anywhere between 6pm to 11pm and doesn’t return back to normal until early morning I have pulled some all-nighters recently due to working from home, and noticed it doesn’t get resolved until 5 or 6 am My download seem completely unaffected, my down speed shows 25mbps using both TWC’s own speed test, and speedtest.

I have made a new topic to say the same thing. Well, the ambit modem would lockup and freeze but not reboot by itself. Hence, why they lock up.


For those who have Ambit cable modems CA people from this small sampler set. This has happened 4 or 5 times now in the past 2 weeks. The description above states completely different — blinking indicates that its transmitting data. I was able to use it in California but not here.

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About a month ago, I exchanged my Ambit for a Motorola Surfboard at my local TW center and the internet drops immediately went away as I was also a victim of this when Powerboost started in my area. Ross McKillop July 22,7: Are you able to do this?

Im a little modfm about this….

That sounds right for my downloads. Yeah, I am seeing similiar symptoms.

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They shouldn’t be having UCD and channel problems. What about non-CA members? I can get to the Ambit web interface but can’t ambih to get logged in. It appears the company has changed it name to ubeeinteractive. No dial tone needed.

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Rental car lied to me! JB is it recieveing light coming on what lights are on exactly? Most Active Forum Topics this week Also it says security s disabled.


Do you see a phone line running to the phone jack ambkt the wall from it? Test signal and all inside splitters in the house, all were way below needed levels.

No, you cannot typically — not always modify the firmware. Mine only happens during downloads. Also it can resolve itself moddem the time i mentioned without needing to cycle the modem. Aaron M to antdude Member Nov 5: Cable Modem Information Cable Modem: This did not work, but turning the router off and on again while the modem remained on did the trick.

Either a number of us on the forums have ones abit are starting to fail at the same time, or they’re not stable when in PowerBoost.