And again, the Cube is not physically wired to the network, although the printers are via Airport Extreme units. So I wanted to find the driver online to download. Retrieved August 14, It converts this appletalk printer through an RJ45 connected to the router. I was browsing other older posts regarding this printer and didn’t seem to get a straight answer as to if this is the correct result.

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These parts are tested and rebuilt if necessary. I have the correct setup through smc’s print server, it’s rather simple with MAC OSX, you have just to choose the adress of the prinmter server, to type “lpt1” into the queue list and to choose your printer model, that’s it.

LaserWriter Pro 630: Technical Specifications

Page Setup reverts to A4: With its dot-per-inch resolution enhanced with FinePrint technology, aple addition to its PhotoGrade support, the Apple LaserWriter Pro PS provides the outstanding print quality you need.

You’ll need to hook the Asante adapter up to the printer, and plug an Ethernet cable from your hub or router in to the adapter.

Any idea how I can get it to work? Retrieved March 6, The page description standard used to transmit data.


List of Apple printers

Thanks for any help. If that’s the case then would it be correct to say that the only way I can print to the LaserWriter Pro is to connect it directly to my PC?

Cant seem to be able to set up the Apple Laserwriter from the PC’s? Apple exited the printer market a few years ago, leaving behind their LaserWriter, StyleWriter, and ImageWriter printer series. This problem has been going on for more than a year!

Also in This Series Mac to Windows: It converts this appletalk printer through an RJ45 connected to the router.

If we can’t save the current formatter, I might be interested in purchasing a new one, be it used or not. Condition The laserwriter pro is Cleaned and Tested with a 30 day warranty.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That model is LocalTalk only, which means printing from a serial port won’t work, though applee ports are very similar.

Accumulates prints face down for normal page order.

ATPM – Networking: Sharing Apple Printers

In other words, cheap, no hassle gimp-print can be a painand far superior quality. The engine test is accessable from the right side of the printer, inside the manual feed door. I’ll have to dig it up later and post.


I know it works for ImageWriters. Offers graphics winfows [6] [7].

Also, I didn’t realize that the front of the printer was the side with the LED lights on laserrwiter. Did it print the start page before?? So even though XP does support LaserWriter Pro with no 3rd party software or drivers it doesn’t support the network connection. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Apple LaserWriter Pro w/32MB LaserJet Laser Printer Pro

When I go to the Chooser, it only shows serial ports for a printer and a modem. Please e-mail your shipping address and phone number: Low-budget thermal printer has print, ribbon problems”. There are three LaserWriter models you can share on a network using the LaserWriter extension.

No Network Support Some Apple printers that have no built-in network support can be appoe via a hardware or software network adapter. Unlike many inkjet printers of the time, the Laserwriter pro Color Printer did not suffer from print slowdowns caused by slow communication from the computer performing rasterizationsince the SCSI bus is relatively fast.

Retrieved March 6,