Skip to main content. Inserting the Card If you need to stop copying at any time, just press the y Stop button. Then adjust any necessary settings and print your photos as explained in your camera manual. Open the cartridge cover. Do not put your hand inside the CX Series or touch any cartridges during printing. Make sure the CX Series is on.

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Epson CX – Stylus Color Inkjet Specifications |

Make sure the Print From Index Sheet light is on. Make sure the paper is under the tabs on the left and right edge guides. Do not open the scanner when the document cover is open.

If you select Photo Paper, your photos print borderless, to the edge of the paper. Make sure your CX Series is not connected to your computer or your computer is turned off. Make sure your CX Series is not printing. Open the document cover and place your original facedown on the glass, in the upper left corner.

Epson Stylus CX5000 Series Quick Manual: Scanning A Photo Or Document; Basic Scanning

To make more copies, load more paper and press the x Start Color button to resume. If there are still gaps or lines, or the test patterns are faint, run another cleaning cycle and check the nozzles again. Double-click the icon on your twaij in the lower right corner of your screen. Remove any memory cards from slots. Copying a Document 2.


To make 10 or more copies, see page 8. Make sure that the document cover is closed, then open the scanner. If you want to automatically restore a color photo as you scan, click the Customize button see the next section for instructions. Do not use an ink cartridge if the date on the package has expired. Click Realignment and then Print to print another alignment sheet peson repeat this step.

Epson Stylus CX TWAIN and Scan Utility דרייבר הורד בחינם (ver. 2.­92A)

Temperature Humidity Scanning Operation: Press the B cx50000 button again and reinstall the ink cartridge until it clicks into place.

Note that there is a valve in the ink supply port, making covers or plugs unnecessary, but care is needed to prevent the ink from staining items that the cartridge touches.

If you remove a low or expended ink cartridge, you cannot reinstall and use the cartridge. Load plain, letter-size paper and select Plain Paper and Letter size on the control panel.


Always press the B ink button to move it. Twin the photos you want to print with your camera. If it gets in your eyes, flush them immediately with water.

Dispose of it carefully.

You can load more paper later as necessary to print all your photos. Close the document cover. Make sure the CX Series is on and the B ink light is off.

Be careful dpson you handle used ink cartridges; there may be ink remaining around the ink supply port. Do not remove any other seals from the cartridges. Print head nozzles are clean: Mac OS X If the red B ink light comes on or flashes, you cannot clean the print head.