The Objectives of the International Energy Star Program To protect the global environment and conserve energy resources, the International Energy Star Program encourages the following product features. Width units are 0. When the initialization completes successfully, the message on the screen on the right appears; select [Confirm]. When this setting is selected, set the memory capacity of the receiving buffer for spooling from 0. Comment 1 is added. Select from [Basic Features] and [Address Book].

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You can select from five types: Select [Print Waiting Jobs]. Power Saver Mode Power Saver Mode The machine is installed with a Power Saver feature that will automatically cut off the electricity to the machine if no copy or print data is received for a certain duration.

Windows R apeosport driver – test.

Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers for Mac OS X Driver – TechSpot

For information on how to change parameter values, refer to “Print Mode” P. Overview Of Auditron Administration 14 Authentication and Auditron Administration Overview of Auditron Administration This section describes an overview of the Auditron Administration features that can be used with the machine.

Name Set the name for the job flow sheet, of up to characters. Page Setup Menu When creating a new mailbox, a password setting screen appears. Insert the empty punch scrap container into its original position until it comes to a stop.


Out-of-Date, 10 Out-of-Date Drivers. Insert the screw into a hole corresponding to the paper size on the top of the guide and screw up 2. Specify the fax number with the numeric keypad, address number, or one touch buttons.

When all documents have been scanned, select [Last Original]. Page 17 Appendix 3. Use the same procedures for the C Finisher.

For information on how to register comments, refer to “Comments” Maintenance 11 System Settings Relay Broadcast Report Select whether or not to automatically print a relay broadcast report, and a location where the report is printed at. For information on the input method, refer to “Entering Text” P.

The receiving buffer for spooling uses a memory.

برامج الطابعة والماسح الضوئي في OS X Mountain Lion

Trouble during Scanning Cause The network cable is disconnected from the machine. You can temporarily change the setting. Page fd 3 Copy Corner Shift The document image is shifted to the edges or corners of the paper. Page 17 Appendix On-hook Dialing The following describes how to place a call with the receiver on-hook.

Contact the vendor or visit their website for more information. Page 4 Fax Sending an iFax to normal fax machines via a relay station By specifying mail addresses in a specific xf, you can send faxes from the machine on the network via an iFax compatible machine fax gateway to fax machines that do not support the iFax feature.


Image Enhancement Select whether or not to carry fc image enhancement. All pen width settings are 0. After printing, the document remains undeleted.

For more details, refer to “CentreWare Internet Services” See data plate on the rear panel for the rated ampere and voltage of this equipment.

The destination machine may be set not to send its ID number. The user account number is printed. Cause No paper for the specified paper size. Telephone Line Connectors Name on the Name on the Job templates are created on a computer using the job template utility of CentreWare Scan Service and stored on aleosport server. Select the print mode to delete forms.