BioShock Infinite and Metro: Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The slope of 0. This could be due to the fact that we were forced to stop overclocking the memory bus of the card at MHz so we therefore used this memory speed at the core speeds of MHz and above. Overclocking only the GeForce3 Ti core provided a noticeable speed increase.

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Pentium 4 based computer Socket Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The cooler is an all-metal solution which is meant both for GPU and memory. But that time I tested not very powerful cards for which such memory was useless. As it turns out, it seems that the GeForce3 Ti reacts best when both the core and the memory clocks are increased.

Leadtek WinFast GeForce3 Ti MBytes For the Gaiinward series Leadtek has a new style of a package which looks very attractive taking into account that the boxes for different families differ in color. The best fit line in this case has the following equation: Ginward course we can calculate what memory is needed for the toughest 3DMark test in x, but do you need those fps gained? I already mentioned it examining the card with 64 MBytes memory.

Overclocking the GeForce3 Ti – NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January

Gainwzrd this line we can see that each 1 MHz that the core clock is pushed, our game performance increased. The complete characteristics of video cards of this and other classes can be found in our 3Digest.


The cooler is not efficient, though such cards do not require intensive cooling.

However, I don’t expect any speed difference. But now the designers decided to make a flower of it. Anyway, some cards in the overclocked mode came close to the Ti The Gainward video card is an ordinary 3D solution for an average gamer, this good product provides for a high-quality image and excellent overclocking capabilities in 3D.

We used to see on the Gainward’s cards cylindrical coolers. Production of such models is just a marketing trick taking into account that the whole GeForce3 family is going to die soon the GeForce4 Ti line will press them out quicker than games are going to need MBytes of memory. This is the most luxurious cooler I’ve ever seen! The Second Encounter v. The heatsink is attached to the card the same way as on the Leadtek solution: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Checkpoint, High Quality Modes The tests were carried out in bit color mode at the highest detailing and quality level of textures.

Hardware museum

Unfortunately, there is no heat-conducting grease between the heatsink and the memory. Much like we saw with the core overclock, performance did not level gefoorce3 as the memory clock speed got higher, suggesting that the memory bus does act as a bottleneck of some sort.


This time, to distinguish itself from it’s older brother, the GeForce3 Ti actually took a performance hit. The Gainward’s package is traditional. Samsung 4ns memory chips. Comparing this to the regression line calculated with the core overclocked data, we see that each MHz of increased memory speed provides about half the performance gain obtained by each core speed MHz increase.

Gainward Geforce3 Ti Video Card Review

The design hasn’t changed. It’s well matched with the card with the golden heatsink! That is why it was surprising to see that the 5ns worked stably at MHz. The only that can change are figures next to word “GeForce”: Note that only the Leadtek comes with the faster 4ns memory which means that it can work at MHz.

What happened when we pushed the core up to the MHz level? As a result of this trait, we are able to fit a linear regression line to the data.