Sounds great, but who’s interested in upgrading ancient tech? Who Buys This Stuff? Far Cry 2 Benchmark Results: Fallout 3 Page 9: That kind of throughput is respectable, even by today’s standards.

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Power Usage Benchmarks Page The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. Maybe your will to pick one up off ebay for cheap and look around the office for an old Intel 63XX or 64XX Core2Duo model to add to the tests, as it does allow for a more modern system with hopes of more CPU head room!! In fact, I can personally vouch that it’s useful to have a spare PC around so a visitor can join in a rousing game of Left 4 Dead.

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Gigabyte Radeon HD AGP Version

By PC technology standards, all of this is ancient history. Fallout 3 Page 9: Far Cry 2 Page 7: Who Buys This Stuff?

Now, we don’t have any specific information about the CPU models folks use, but it’s a safe bet gigabute there are a lot of yigabyte out there running older rigs. That kind of throughput is respectable, even by today’s standards. Test Settings And Benchmarks. And who wouldn’t want to get more longevity out of an old box? Whether it’s your primary gaming machine or just an old PC you keep in the basement, it’d sure be nice to play the newest titles on aged equipment.


Gigabyte’s Radeon HD 4650: Are AGP Graphics Still Good Enough?

Test Settings And Benchmarks Page 4: Is there a way to work out what spec of processor would overcome the bottlenecking problems of a specific graphics card? Don’t have money for a new rig, so looking to spend as little as possible, so no comments on upgrading to pcie please. So please don’t forget us Intel fokes out there too!!

Far Cry 2 Benchmark Results: PCIe not only offered increased throughput, but it also brought with it the ability to transfer more power to ever-hungrier graphics cards. So why bring it up? The most common memory capacity is 2 GB, and the majority of users with processors from AMD game on machines that have clock speeds between 2 and 2.

Fallout 3 Power Usage Benchmarks Conclusion. Ah, the Accelerated Graphics Port.

Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD (GVRD21GI) 1 GB GDDR2 SDRAM AGP 4x/8x Video Card | eBay

Still, the Radeon HD does have a few things going for it compared to the Radeon HDsuch as more conservative power requirements, two times the texture units, and DirectX I got the HD ;]] Clock it to the max get a better power supply and run the newest games on a 6 years old machine! Glad I seen this article, I’ve been looking for a card for my old dell for a couple of weeks now and think I’ve definately decided on the HD Really looking forward to the 2nd part of this Don!!


Left 4 Dead Page 6: Ask Gigabyte, one of the few manufacturers that sought to grace the aging AGP bus with a modern graphics processor, designed to save nostalgic gamers from buying a new CPU, motherboard, and graphics subsystem in making the jump to PCIe-based platforms.

Left 4 Dead Benchmark Results: