It allows up to 3. Jim Macklin, Nov 7, For correct SATA cable function: Glad to hear you solved your problem. RAID 5 without write-back cache. Switching modes may cause an “NTLDR” error, an immediate blue screen error followed by a reboot, or other boot failure. Better read Slightly degraded write.

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Thanks TIA for any input. F6 Driver Disk Note: To install a hard drive larger than gigabytes on your computer you need Windows Service Pack 3 or later or Windows XP Service Pack 1 or later.

Enabling RAID in the BIOS for IntelĀ® Desktop Boards

Jim Macklin, Nov 7, Capacity of 1 hard drive. Small rpm Sata drives for Raid 0? Save and rad the Bios Setup. SATA 2 Raid question. Fast read Fast write. Attach a cable end to the connector A on the board. From this page http: Fast read Slightly degraded write.


Go to the Boot menu. Try a BIOS recovery. If drives are not the same capacity, then the size will equal that of the smaller drive. Should something happen to the RAID volume, the operating system should not be impacted. Fastest read Fastest write.

These numbers aren’t meaningful to optical drives.

Attaching the Serial ATA cable. Combined capacity of all hard drives. When you press F6, it may appear as if nothing happened as a dialog box will not appear and you will not immediately see a prompt. RAID 5 without write-back rair. Glad to hear you solved your problem.

There should have been some procedure or order to install the RAID 0 array. Combined capacity of all hard drives minus 1.

Any Advice?? – Intel DPERL – 2 SATA drives – Cannot establish RAID 0 | PC Review

A Performance as compared to single hard drive performance B Assumes all hard drives are d865pperl the same capacity. You likely will not see any sort of dialog box appear at the time you press F6. Optical drives generally top out at about 22 MBps for reads and Fast read Non-optimized write.


The cable 4-conductor supports the Serial ATA protocol and connects a single drive to the desktop board. It’s a dark brown or black color. All drivers used are latest downloaded from Intel site. It allows up to 3. Attach the other cable end B to the drive. After that, you can inntel your question and our members will help you out. Instead, later during Windows Setup, however, you will be prompted to insert the RAID driver floppy disk that came with the desktop board.