They were dance-team members and sophomores at Ocean Springs High. Dustin Triplett, 17, and Reginald Abrams, 18, both of Gulfport, died in unrelated one-vehicle crashes in Harrison County after the driver lost control. Investigators believe the year old Lenawee County man driving the truck was drunk. Mother, son found dead inside White Lake Township home News. Temps about to plummet, light snow possible for New Year’s Weather.

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Here’s what to know Recalls. Some teenagers are more mature than others, said Poulos, who gave traffic-safety programs at 75 percent of Coast schools in the past year. We now have access to an enormous amount of additional research information from doctors and scientists.

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Speeding contributed to some.

We could speculate on it all day long and probably never figure it all out. Her daughter, Whitlee Lynae Davis, 16, died May 8 when she ran a stop sign on her way to school. England selected Local News Regions Oxford selected. He and the injured driver, also 16, were returning from a Mardi Gras celebration.


From a food hall to a clubhouse read on for a rundown of the newest destinations to open their doors around town. Rick Snyder on Friday signed a law making it harder for jaazmine to put proposals on the Michigan ballot. July 24, at For information on republishing this content, contact us at U.

A candlelight vigil was planned for 7 p. Drivers aged 15 to 20 make up 6 percent of the driving population, but account for 14 percent of all driver-involved fatal crashes inone NHTSA study shows. Whitlee Lynae Davis, 16, of Wade, was on her way to school as she followed a carload of friends, who authorities said also ran a stop sign at Cedarcrest and Mississippi The judge said he did not underestimate the loss she felt but said she acknowledged she “led a chaotic lifestyle”. These are external drrunk and will open in a new window.

Fatal Turn: The Lives of Too Many Young Drivers Have Taken A

Battle and John S. Nicole Olsen, 18, trying to cross U. They were returning from a trip to Panama City, Fla.

A snap decision deunk quickly turn tragic, no matter how responsible your teenager appears to be, said April Parker of Wade. James Israel, 14, was joyriding on a four-wheeler on Saracennia Road in Jackson County when he lost control and struck his head. According to police, the truck had a half-full keg inside and several beer cans and liquor bottles were found around the overturned pickup. She lived life to its fullest.


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More on this story. She was a junior at East Central High School. The driver and two others were injured.

Six more area youths have died in crashes since Dec. Dane Eubanks, 16, was a passenger in a vehicle in which the driver lost control and the vehicle flipped several times on Old Spanish Trail in Gautier around 2: Since January, nine crashes involving teenagers have killed 16 area young people.

Detroit Teen Killed By Suspected Drunken Driver

National traffic-safety studies have long indicated these as leading factors in teen-involved crashes. A lot of it is kids just making that wrong decision. A mile and a half later their vehicle was hit head on.