For example the C vs B webcams simply had a different model designator: An optional extension microphone is available to extend the camera’s 8 foot range to 14 feet in larger meeting rooms. Many users will find it’s image sharpness and color fidelity equal to – or better than the iSight camera built into some Mac models. Logitech C Webcam For Mac: However the compelling features make this an exceptional webcam. Logitech Ce Webcam For Mac: Be the first to review this item.

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RightSound helps to reduce rightlighg and feedback, allowing you to make video calls without having to use a headset.

Some prospective Apple compatible webcam buyers are confused about the differences between Logitech’s and HD web cameras which look very similar. I deleted my installation of the Logitech Camera Settings app, installed Gaming Software, then reinstalled the Camera Settings app, and now it works beautifully!

After months of using the built-in Apple cam, I can now use my C again with zoom and pan controls enabled. Audio Capture Capabilities Of The Logitech C The Logitech C webcam additionally features a decent sounding built-in microphone of reasonable quality that may even be an improvement than an internal microphone in a Mac desktop or laptop computer. So, why the difference between ‘B’ and ‘C’?

You can learn more detailed specs about the MeetUp cam here.

‎Logitech Camera Settings on the Mac App Store

It shares the overall design of the compact, pivoting and folding design of the C and C models, but ups the lens quality and sensor to full p HD web camera resolution. To capture in ultra-high 4K resolution, you rightliggt to make sure you’re directly connected to a 5Gbps USB 3.


The actual hardware was identical and both were high-quality Apple compatible webcams with p HD resolution logiitech ultra-smooth autofocus and a razor-sharp Ziess optical quality glass lens.

A standard camera tripod mounting screw hole sadly is not incorporated into the camera body. You simply need plug it in. RightLight 2 Sensor The camera features a sensor with RightLight 2 technology allows you to record clear video, even in low light.

Therefore, adding a Logitech C webcam with an internal microphone gives the ability to record audio as well, via just one USB hookup. It offers a very wide-angle degree field of view, multiple beam-forming microphones, and a high-quality speakerphone.

Audio Handling Abilities Of The Logitech C The Logitech C HD webcam additionally features a built-in microphone of reasonable sound quality which may be an improvement than an internal microphone in a Mac desktop or laptop computer. This makes it ideal for two-person chats side by side in it’s wide Somewhat like the C with it’s bundled XSplit and Personify apps that are Windows only, Macintosh users will be slightly underserved.

In a few instances the same products were labeled and shipped as ‘B’ models and ‘C models’ to different markets. Logitech’s RightLight adapts to low-level lighting better than other cameras if needed.

The minimum CPU specs recommend a 2. One just needs to plug it in.

For particular Mac desktop systems like the Mac mini or a Macintosh Pro, there is no microphone at all. See any errors on this page? It’s very fast, smooth and responsive Auto-Focus is exceptionally fluid and responsive.


Logitech C Webcam Mac: Though it supports both USB 3. Do note that achieving optimal frame-rates is also directly correlated to optimal lighting conditions no matter which webcam you buy, so keep good lighting in mind for any of your video capture or conferencing sessions. Developer Website App Support.

The Apple compatible ConferenceCam Connect is a next-generation group video conference camera choice for your preferred OS X web video chat app for personal use, or for professional multi-party conferences using Skype or Microsoft Lync around the country or around the globe.

Web Camera Reviews For Mac

Although Logitech has a few other cheaper webcams that work on OSX, the C is the lowest model number we recommend whole-heartedly as the best cheap Logitech camera for Apple users. For around 35 bucks Rughtlight for a factory recertified model, the vast majority of Mac YouTubers, Hangout Googlers, MacOS Skypers and other Apple video capture and conferencing geeks will be utterly impressed by the high-quality but affordable to downright cheap full p Apple compatible webcam.

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Are you in the market for a low-cost external USB webcam which is known to be tested compatible with a Mac computer setup?

Description Allows user to adjust pan, tilt, zoom and other camera settings.