Could someone point me in the right direction? Wednesday, May 16, As I didn’t fully understand what you meant I’ll add some more details to my question. It seems I’ve been approaching this completely wrong and over-complicating everything in all the ways possible. Basically this is what I want:

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Contact and contactless smart card readers for PC mivrosoft mobile. Therefore the smart card reader is more important for user. Wednesday, May 9, 2: Remove From My Forums. Basically this is what I want: Edited by Mywk Saturday, May 12, 2: Thank you all for explaining everything so thoroughly!

CCID (protocol)

It is easy to install and well-suited for all contact smart card operations. Wednesday, May 9, 6: How to install the CCID driver?

Friday, May 11, 6: Regardless, I was wondering if this wouldn’t be better using an Extension Device I’m not looking for backwards compatibility here, minimum supported operative system should be Windows You will the install your umdf virtual smart card driver on this child device. You would need a kmdf filter driver that is a lower filter below the usb mass storage driver.


CCID (protocol) – Wikipedia

The device amongst others Microsoft Windows is not needed. The device has a very limited chip and must be genfric as “Storage device” disk drive on the Device manager tree. Tuesday, July 3, 8: Wednesday, May 16, 8: Except that kernel mode drivers do not install any other drivers.

If you looked to the System event log, you would probably find a message like this: This site uses cookies for analytics, gdneric content and ads. I definitively understand what you mean, I’m enjoying this experience with Windows Drivers so far, it’s a shame there’s almost no Windows open source drivers, it’s usually way easier to understand something when we have the chance of reading code that works granted that most people will just copy and paste it without even attempting to understand it but that’s another issue.

If you implement the CCID usb spec you get the inbox class driver.

Wednesday, May 9, 5: The smart card driver would send io down the stack to your bus ccie and the bus driver would translate these requests to usb requests. More Information Available via test. I started a new project and am simply trying to do anything with UMDF 2, the problem is that the samples provided are way too different from what I want to do to even start and the documentation seems extremely scarce.


In Vista the driver used is the generic MS test. If the hardware is simpler than this minimum, the driver part explodes and eats savings from the cheap hardware.

Microsoft generic CCID driver | PC Review

As I started this topic I had zero knowledge on Windows Drivers, it has been 4 days of intensive research on this topic and there’s still a lot to learn. Development is only part of the work, consider testing and maintenance. Integrated Circuit s Randy Aull.

I apologize in advance for bumping this topic, I was imcrosoft to accomplish most of what I described above the way Doron Holan advised bus lower filter that installs a virtual device on the child device.

Friday, May 11, 5: Do I need to install drivers for the smart card reader? Wednesday, May 16,