I took it back and got this one! If the system still refuses to recognize the MP3 player, Creative Labs suggests you reformat the drive. I had three MuVos of various sizes and configurations and ALL failed completely within a year — one within two months. Even in the land of ipods The rubberized housing of the Creative Muvo 2c is fully water-resistant and dust-proof, perfect for a getaway in the great outdoors.

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To correct the problem, download a firmware upgrade Version 1. Get to Know Us.

It took under two minutes for me to set everything up, and after that I put the speakers on either end of my computer table. If you use the regular Mkvo formatter on your MP3 player, you will reformat the player as a disk drive, rendering it useless as an MP3 player.

Email Address Please enter a valid email address. Once you see the Removable Disk listed, open the Administrative Tools control panel, then double-click the Computer Management icon. The perfect speaker for everyday life.

Check with the player manufacturer for their current firmware version-just make sure it addresses the Windows formatting issue before you install it. Mac Format Sound quality excels at avoiding distortion even at volume.

Creative MUVO 2c – Speakers – Creative Labs (United States)

At the end of the day, Mjsic am pretty happy with the Muvo 2 and have never seen or worked with a Bluetooth speaker that allows a micro SD card to be used. The Muvo Mini does fill a room, and it sounds fairly big for its size You can view and select songs from your MicroSD card, navigate through music, and conveniently switch between musicc audio sources. True MP3 files can be played in any multimedia player that supports the original Fraunhoffer MP3 codec.


I found that watching television shows or movies with the set-up was an immersive experience, and I also enjoyed the stereo experience when I listened to music.

Overall, the sound quality is quite good.

Creative MUVO 2c

The checkmarks indicate if the device is capable of playing back audio and video that’s been downloaded from an online store. General System Configuration Musjc Dimensions Together with your friends, you can enjoy the expansive sound coming from two compact speakers.

Additionally, some devices can play back media that has been purchased through an online store that offers subscriptions or rentals. When I placed the MUVO 2c at one end of my living hall and stood about 5m away, I could still hear speech and music from the device very clearly.

If the problem persists, return the unit to Apple for service. Analog audio devices with a 3. Analog audio devices with a 3.

MUSIC PLAYER ANNOYANCES – PC Hardware Annoyances [Book]

Also, make sure you installed the latest drivers for your player. With two devices paired together wirelessly, they can function as a portable stereo system with left and right outputs Currently, item can be shipped only within the U. The MuVo NX comes in two handy storage sizes. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.


Tech Radar The Creative Muvo 2C is a speaker than punches well above its weight in terms of its sound quality Check for upgrades from the music software vendors. Tip Firmware upgrades will clear the flash memory, so make sure you save your tunes. Creative MUVO 2c It’s Also a Speakerphone While your smartphone is tethered via Bluetooththe MUVO 2 acts as a speakerphone that lets you take your calls when you’re listening to your music.

Plug the MuVo Memory device into any computer USB port and it will display automatically as removeable muusic on the desktop. See offer for details. It is also one of or the smallest player on the market, so its good for joggin, running, etc.