Jan 7, Messages: Cool , Glad you got it sorted. I bought the Antec Fusion Case. We’d really appreciate it! Dec 5, Messages: There is space for four hard drives, two in the power supply compartment and two more at the front of the case.

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Upgrade Antec Fusion LCD | [H]ard|Forum

It’s a shame more 3rd party apps don’t take advantage of what the little LCD can do. I would love to have an inexpensive case 17″x2. Just kinda grates on my nerves. Oct 24, 7. I still detached the front to run the cable taking care not to squeeze the cable to short it in any way. Media-ManMar 17, When cusion is in standby it goes off. Nov 14, at 7: I have the same probleme as zeropaidnl wrote “I’ve got a problem with the mindisplay plugin, fysion i launch mediaportal the display turns itself off.

Antec Fusion LCD, for what? – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

I used the iMon software to disable the ugly and annoying front display. And I got to thinking what does it really display and does anyone acutally tusion it for anything usefull?


The front allowed for space to run the cable, except I needed to fiddle the cable around a bit at the top right looking from the back to the inside of ufsion case, to make sure it did not later get squeezed between the cover, when closing that. Go for a Nsk and save a few bucks.

I have the Fusion V2. Similar sort of question fusiln me in respect of VFD and remote control. May 8, at 9: May 15, at 9: It also flashes the IR command it received, so you know that it picked up the remote. The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open fusioh media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

Jan 3, Messages: The LCD panel is not worth it. By default it shows the title of what’s playing as well as a progress bar. Having it built into the case means you need line-of-sight to the case.


Do you already have an account? I also have this case, and have the imon software set to disable the lcd after boot-up. I am pleased with the case.

I’ll have to say that what most people here are saying is correct, the LCD isn’t the most useful thing on the planet, but it does have some simple use.

Oct 24, 6. Nov 14, at 3: It basically works poorly image Qis polarized for a downward viewing angle instead of upward, and the software stinks Antec does a good job in divided compartments, noise quieting, etc. Mar 17, at 9: Oct 19, 3.

I put “cheaper” in quotes because you likely have to replace stock PSU or fans. Another thing is how the smaller the case, the more expensive it ends up being! Antec Fusion extra drawing.