To post a comment you must log in. If Mixxx can support them that would breathe new life into old hardware! To verify the physical condition of this mixer, kindly refer to all the provided images. Interestingly, Rane have opted to use DSP for every part of the signal path from the input stages onwards – even the gain controls. Perhaps all of the mixer outputs are always available to Serato, and it just chooses which to use rather than instructing the mixer to provide a particular output? Owen Williams ywwg on This mixer is now EOL by Serato it won’t work with their new software so a bunch of these might be coming on the used market soon.

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You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Support staff Member since If the computer with VirtualDJ is different to the one that is normally used for Serato, then this could be a ground loop issue with that computer.

It doesn’t get much more flexible than this, but will inevitably take a while to settle on your main favourite functions. Do I just install Serato? The actual sound of the filters is really good, right down to the restrained modelled resonance.

The compromise has been made, and is probably the right one in the long run – as the overall power you have is greater than you will find on other mixers. I read over the manual and it appeared that it would work fine with Traktor as a basic soundcard so that I could output two channels.

I’ve tried setting up the software to sniff packets for the HID device, but as soon as Scratch Live starts up, the capture stops because the devices change. Try getting an HID sniffer and see if that gives you any clues.


The mixer features Rane’s exclusive dual USB port architecture for intuitive DJ change over and supports creative dual computer applications. Posted Wed 30 May 07 3: However, I expect a lot of it might just be querying the mixer to figure out which driver to install. I can get output on the 2 output channels, but I can’t control with timecode records.

Unfortunately, this means that the control tone is affected by the crossfader, so it 57s out and prevents tfm position tracking. So how does the control vinyl use work?

Out of interest, I just tried getting Mixxx to work on Windows, and ran into similar issues. Note that some devices also send time stamps so a few bytes may always change even if you do nothing. I’m having trouble checking whether clicking these checkboxes sends any special USB packets, because USBTrace isn’t able to capture in real-time once it gets past the initial handshake between the mixer and Serato, due to the large volume of messages being sent back and forth.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – Use your ttm57 with ASIO Driver – should work w/VDJ??????

The convenience and neatness of the TTM 57SL is a double-edged sword, and may not suit individuals who would rather have the ability to take the original SL 1 interface and combine it with any mixer of their choosing.

Aha, you’ve thrown me with the Scratch thing. Unfortunately, by default, the driver is configured to output the post-fader signal for both channels, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to configure the driver directly through Windows. HI alan, thanks so much for your help! Get this rare still preserved gem. Both effects share similar joystick control over quickly switching to half, double or quadruple the currently linked tempo – which is a really clever feature.


Please plug it in to your Linux system, do sudo lsusb -v, then copy and post just the section about that mixer it’ll probably be quite long. But i think these venues are short sighted.

Rane TTM 57

You can download it free off their website so 57al can rock it in a club if the proper hardware is connected. Posted Mon 09 Dec 13 5: This is not just a simple rehousing job to incorporate the Serato Scratch Live SL 1 interface into the Rane TTM 56, but an evolution of both products to allow maximum flexibility, control, and even a couple of onboard effects processors.

I would greatly appreciate it. The upfaders still don’t cut sharp at each end, but this is merely a firmware change away, so hopefully will be wsio at some point in the future.

Do you have any idea what kind of USB packets I should be checking for? I use both Linux and Windows environments and would be glad to upload any data that would be helpful. You should ask if you can rock up to the club before it opens one night just to have a test. You can find this year’s holiday gift right here.