This is useful to see that pixmaps, tiles, etc have been properly cached. Alternatively the manufacturer could have incorrectly programmed the panel size in the EGA console mode. Chips and Technologies specify that the memory clock used with the multimedia engine running should be lower than that used without. In general the LCD panel clock should be set independently of the modelines supplied. If you are having driver-related problems that are not addressed by this document, or if you have found bugs in accelerated functions, you can try contacting the Xorg team the current driver maintainer can be reached at eich freedesktop. Legal values for this key are depth dependent.

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A similar level of acceleration to the is included for this driver. Note that the reverse is also true.

Chips and Technologies Chips and Tech. 68554 PCI Free Driver Download

This is useful for the chipset xhips the base address of the linear framebuffer must be supplied by the user, or at depths 1 and 4bpp. For 24bpp on TFT screens, the server assumes that a 24bit bus is being used. Note that all of the chips except the rev A are 3. If you find you truly can’t achieve the mode you are after with the default clock limitations, look at the options ” DacSpeed ” and ” SetMClk “.

So this limit will be either 56MHz technologie 68MHz for the xx chipsets, depending on what voltage they are driven with, or 80MHz for the WinGine machines. Chips and Technologies chips. So if you have a virtual screen size set to x using a x at 8bpp, you use technologiws for the mode.


The HiQV series of chips have three programmable clocks. The current programmable clock will be given as the last clock in the list. Legal values are 2 to inclusive.

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Chips and Technologies

So using this option disables the XVideo extension. This is a small and long-standing bug in the current server. A sample of an incomplete ” xorg. There is no facility in the current Xservers to specify these values, and so the server attempts to read the panel size from the chip. Hence the server assumes a This is a driver limitation that might be relaxed in the future.

Information for Chips and Technologies Users

For this reason, the maximum colour depth and resolution that can be supported in a dual channel mode will be reduced compared to a single display channel mode. This option can be used in conjunction with the option “UseModeline” to program all the panel timings using the modeline values.

The reason is that first the installer setup file is downloaded, and then the installer software does the work of fetching your 65854 from our fastest download server.

This can be done by using an external frame buffer, or incorporating the framebuffer at the top of video ram depending on the particular implementation.


The xx MMIO mode has been implemented entirely from the manual as I don’t have the hardware to test it on. This can be found from the log file of a working single-head installation. Horizontal waving or jittering of the whole screen, continuously independent from drawing operations.

For chipsets incapable of colour depths greater that 8bpp like thethe dotclock limit is solely determined by the highest dotclock the video processor chops capable of handling. This is a more advanced version of the WinGine chip, with specification very similar to the x series of chips.

None of these are currently supported within the driver itself, so many cards will only have limited support.

This option sets the centering and stretching to the BIOS default values. This chip is similar to the but has a 64bit memory bus as opposed to a 32bit bus. This shouldn’t affect higher depths, and is fixable with a switch to the virtual console and back.

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Powered by Create your own unique website 6554 customizable templates. However there is no reliable way of probing the memory clock used in these chipsets, and so a conservative limit must be taken for the dotclock limit.

In addition the device, screen and layout sections of the ” xorg.