The unit has two CheerTEK parts in it. This site uses cookies. What OS would you like to see more articles about? Donation type Onetime Recurring. I came home with an eHome card, but it is a Marvel part for which little documentation can be found on the web. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

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The unit has two CheerTEK parts in it. Notify me of new comments via email. There were a number of cool talks about developments in FreeBSD, which you can see at the bsdcan web site.

I expect better support with OpenSolaris What version of pfSense are you using? Monday, 17 December SB This chip is basically the same as the AT91RM, but with a few twists.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

I checked there, can’t find it there. The device name ugen means the device has been claimed by the generic USB device driver which allows a few “generic USB device” operations but not networking. How do you feel about this post?


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OpenSolaris has a Marvell Libertas Driver! (and ZyDAS too!)

With a printout of this list, you can be sure of getting a card which is well supported by OpenSolaris — and perhaps by other UNIX variants and by Linux as well. CardBus and PC Card necessarily share interrupts between the bridge zydad the client devices. Sign up or login to your account. What OS would you like to see more articles about? If you’ve found this article helpful please donate.

We also believe everyone should be able to afford it. If you are using OpenSolaris on a laptop, this may be the way to go. If you are new here, Register.

Warner’s Random Hacking Blog | Blogging All About BSDs – Part 8

I found usb support and pci express support, as well as hot plug versions of the latter. The driver is the zyd driver and is also at version 0. Currently John has the best record for NginX and Apache performance running a single machine with 4 cores. Only users with topic management ffreebsd can see it.


For the moment, the code that zyads Read [ I had an absolute blast at BSDcan Agree to terms and condition.

I was browsing the support for ExpressCard in Linux. Setting up firmware-zd 3. Product information, software announcements, and special offers.

OpenSolaris has a Marvell Libertas Driver! (and ZyDAS too!) | UNIX Administratosphere

When I made it use the interrupt handler, I had random corruption for reasons that are still unknown. In other words, that is a job only for experts.

Nothing you said contradicts the statement I made: Well then I have to look for another usb wireless adapter I’ve had positive experience with USB adapters based on the Ralink zyxas rum driver.

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